pbmaxxx said: Mardi, I would love some of your older videos. Please let me know how to get some!

You can only get them by purchasing them directly through me.

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wicked2013 said: Have u ever had a size 12 in ur pussy?

A size 12 what, dress?

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5 posts! Oh geeez, you really shouldn’t have!  I don’t deserve this award.  

5 posts! Oh geeez, you really shouldn’t have!  I don’t deserve this award.  

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nicemen28 said: Hi, baby iam 28 years hispanic men and i like you so very much, how can i get your pics, looking at your photos I have accumulated a huge and hot load of cum in my balls and now I have pain in my balls are swollen for the huge load, I look forward to let go all my load of cum in your pussy, loosing large jets, i would like to make a video with you ok

Even though your message lacks some “much needed” punctuation, I think you’ve got two questions wrapped up in that hot mess. So, my answers are as follows.

  1. I will post a few free photos every now and again right here. To get the really good explicit pics and video, of course you’ll need a great big wad.  By “Wad” I mean roll of cold hard cash. he he he
  2. To make a video with me, first you will need to audition for me. To do so, email me three full nude photos of yourself (with face), a masturbation to completion video clip (with face) and the ability to travel our location at my convenience. If we are interested, I will contact you with further instructions.

I hope this helps you!  

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Anonymous said: How big was the biggest cock you've ever fucked?

I don’t like to give away all my secrets so easily. Let’s just say, he was so big that when his cock got hard, he passed out from the lack of blood flow.   

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buggetcheese said: Is there any way to view previous photos and videos now that you're done with subscriptions?

Yes there is, however you would need to purchase them through me. FYI, subscriptions may not be gone forever!  Depending on the results I receive from my online poll and finances, I may reopen for paid subscriptions. 

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Anonymous said: do you like anal

I’m kinda thinking that you didn’t visit my BIO page because I already answered this question.

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Anonymous said: Do u do porn

My website is Ass4days (dot) com, do I really need to answer that question?

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How does your playmate tease you?


Slaving in the kitchen can be such a bore …

But not so much anymore. 

To make cooking less of a chore,

I taunted my husband with big butt galore.

So if my little tease left you wantin’ some more,

You’ll have reach into your wallet before you’ll see my backdoor.

© Mardi Bra - 2013

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I'm Mardi Bra, a real big butt BBW mature housewife with 48 curvy inches of creamy white fat ass. Welcome to my one-of-a-kind homemade website! Not only am I curvy and nasty with a big, round, phat, white booty, but I'm also a wife and mom.

I shouldn't have to tell you, but I am NSFW and intended for 18+ only.

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